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Shutters – Elevate your home’s décor

Shutters are indicative of elegance and practicality. From old world wood plantation shutters styles to new world eclectic design, we bring to you interior shutters that fits in every décor and perfect for every room. We provide customized and standard window shutters and also for specialty, arched , bay windows.

Interiors shutters are designed to offer excellent light and privacy control while offering great insulation. Create an inviting ambience with our wide array of materials and finishes. Their movable louvers make it easy for the homeowners to adjust light

Classic wood shutters in earthy tones, stains and finishes complement interiors aesthetically and functionally. North American hardwoods harvested from certified hardwoods are used in making these classic wood shutters. We are committed to preserve the environment and are doing our bit. Another thing about wood shutters is their fine grain luster that adds a tint of style and elevates your home décor from ordinary to exceptional.

Plantation shutters have always been a timeless choice for the homeowners. They are designed to offer easy privacy and light control while maintaining good air flow in the rooms. You can get them in real wood and even faux wood options. The louvers come in different blade styles and when you fully close them they will block the sunlight during the day and offer superior energy efficiency. The bi-fold track design allows you to install plantation shutters on French doors and sliding glass doors also.

Composite Shutters are made from compressed wood materials. They are not recommended in high moisture areas. For humid areas look no further and choose Poly shutters.

Poly shutters that we offer has aluminum core in the slides and louvers making them sturdier and super energy efficient than any other window treatment. They are UV resistant, fire resistant and you can ask for individual louver replacement or repairing. This is another step towards contributing to a healthier environment. Poly shutters are hypoallergenic and no harmful gases is emitted.

Café Shutters offer privacy on the bottom of the windows while you can enjoy a clear outside view from the top portion. They lend a unique charm and style yet delivers high on functionality. You can install them in the kitchen or other rooms letting natural light in while maintaining privacy from neighbors prying eyes.

We are local and proud to be serving Orlando Florida homeowners for more than 18 years now. Our professionals work tirelessly to help you with the best window treatment solutions for your space. Right from offering you free in-home consultation to bringing the samples to your homes, taking measurements to professional installations. We are there to help you install the best window treatment in your home and in your budget.

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